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AAAGB - Online Business. Increase Sale. Marketing your products.
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What AAAGB stands for?
Acroos Global Business is the backbone of our Concept for Local, National and Global Business-2-Business. Across Global Business covers 239 Countries.
More about AAAGB

What is GLOOOBI?
Glooobi stands for Global Company World Business. It is merged with all our backbone to enable the browser finding Authentic real Companies or Organizations.

Across Global Business and Glooobi are integrated to increase the visibilities of our subscribers.

Who may advertise in AAAGB?
Any Company, Agency, Organization or Institute in the Private or the Public Sectors (regardless of its size and origin) that operates in the National or Global Marketing.

Who may not advertise in AAAGB?
MLM, Pyramid Organizations or Net-workers are not encouraged to advertise with AAAGB.

How AAAGB is going to increase sale of my services / products?
AAAGB is aiming at exposing your Business to the Millions of Internet searchers as World Class Company in your own Business.

How AAAGB is going to increase my Company's Popularity?
AAAGB has an extensive sophisticated infrastructure that is interlinked with Companies in your Industry. Advertising with AAAGB is only for serious Companies in your Industry.

How AAAGB is going to increase my Traffic?
We add strong Links related to your Online Business, National and Global Marketing. Besides your direct Advertising, we help increasing genuine Traffic to your Business.

Will AAAGB utilize the Pay for Click and other Promotional methods?
No. AAAGB is not going to use any of these methods. AAAGB provides a fair chance to every one.

Is AAAGB a sort of Forum for Global Companies?
No. AAAGB is promoting an independent Concept and in such, is not promoting the interest of any specific Company.

Is AAAGB competing with Search Engines?
No. AAAGB understands the power of Searching Engines and helps Prospective Customers to your Company to find you quickly in several ways. AAAGB is indexed in the World’s Best Searching Engines.

Will AAAGB establish Contact to my Company?
Not at the current stage. You can, however, use AAAGB to establish contacts and to get in contact with the local Market.

Can AAAGB refuse my Company's Advertising?
Yes. AAAGB can refuse the Advertising if it is not in line with its own Business. AAAGB is not obliged to give any explanation.

Is AAAGB in the business of MLM networking?
No. AAAGB is not applying or using the MLM, Pyramid or Networking approach.

Is AAAGB in the business of Bulk-email?
No. AAAGB is not using the Bulk Mail approach. AAAGB will never use, abuse, sell or give the email addresses to any third party. 


Can our Company Advertise in All Countries?

What are the different types and formats for Advertising with AAAGB?
Banners, Advertising fixed areas on yearly basis with different pixels sizes. Different format (i.e., in text and HTML).

How we deliver our Advertising Materials?
You deliver your Advertising Materials in Text or HTML format that incorporated all your message.

How AAAGB defines the Advertising Areas?
AAAGB defines the available Advertising Areas in pixels.

Will there be any limits in the number of available Advertising Areas?
Yes. Advertising Places are limited.

Can we buy an Advertising Area and selling it to other Customers at higher Price?
No. AAAGB sales the Advertising places either directly or through its Authorized Agents without the involvement of third parties.

Can a Company reserve an Advertising Area in Certain Countries?
Yes. Due to the fact that the best places are limited, we encourage you to reserve your favourite place(s) for your Advertising.

Will AAAGB interfere with my Advertising?
No. The Advertising Materials are your own Business, providing that you follow our overall Terms and Conditions.

Click please Benefits. 
What are the benefits for my Company?
Your Company will:
- reserves an Advertising Space at very reasonable Prices,
- be exposed to million of visitors who are seeking your Products / Services,
- be reached by Internet visitors at different levels,
- be able to reach your target segments at their origin and language. 

Click please  Core Business.
I cannot find a suitable Core e-Business in AAAGB. Can AAAGB add new Core Business?
Yes. Please inform us in detail about your Core Business. We will do our best to satisfy your needs. 

Click please Contact

AAAGB will have Local representative in every Country. Business-in-AAAGB. 

Geographical limitation.
Is there any Geographical limitation?
AAAGB is operational across Global Boundaries and as such, has no Geographical limitation. 

Can we withdraw our money back?
A 100% refund for cancellation notices received in writing within one week of the purchased order. 

Layout and Design.
Will AAAGB carry the layout and design of our Advertising materials? 
We recently added a unit to design Logos. AAAGB has agreements with Webs Professional designers.  

Links and Free Exchange.
Can I link AAAGB to my site?
Yes. AAAGB encourage you to do that to boost your traffic and increase your exposure. 

Is AAAGB in the Business of Free Exchange?

Click please Local Languages.
Can my Company Advertise in Local Language in the selected Countries?

National Business.
A company that operates only Nationally can certainly advertise with AAAGB. 

Click please AAAGB News.

Click please Order

Click please  Organization

How much it costs to Advertise with AAAGB?
Please refer to the Prices of Advertising with AAAGB. 

Method of Payment.
Our payment system is secured. You can use your Credit Card, however, you can also transfer money to our Bank. Please email us to secure your Advertising place. 

Click please  Prices. 

Click please  Privacy. 

Click please References.   

Referrals / Affiliates Program.
Will there be any or Referrals / Affiliates Program for AAAGB?
AAAGB has a Company Structure and as such, AAAGB has no Referrals / Affiliates Programs. AAAGB has, however, Sales opportunities all over the Globe.  

Shopper has the right to Refund if canceling their order within one week of the purchased order. Cancellation should be in written. 

Releases and Real Simple Syndicates - RSS.
A Release Page is added to every Country. This is a FREE of charge area to enhance the possibility of Marketing your Products / Services. AAAGB will interview VIP / Key Officials in any Country and display the interview in the Release Page. 
RSS intends to yield timely related topics from all over the World to each site. 

Click please Samples. 

Click please Shopping Cart. 

Click please Site Map. 

Click please Terms and Conditions.   

Click please Terms of Service. 


Will AAAGB carry out the Translation of our Advertising materials?
AAAGB is busy for establishing the business. AAAGB has agreements with Professional Translators. 

Click please World Class Company.  

How AAAGB defines World Class Company?
AAAGB defines World Class Company for its capability to
integrate IT, Products and People regardless of its size whose Purposes and Processes are in harmony with Global e-Business, Import and Export Across National and Global Cultures.

If we are already a World Class Company, why we have to join AAAGB?
You may be very attractive in your National Market and the Global Market. However, you may need to increase the exposures and enhance the awareness for your Company. AAAGB is the best place for your World Class Company.

Should our Company be a World Class Company to Advertise with AAAGB?
You should have the assets as a World Class Company to Advertise with AAAGB. Advertising with AAAGB will increase your image, reputation and identification as a World Class Company. 

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