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Q: How can I use your Service?
A: If you are a Company or an Organization then you are very welcome to join our integrated Concept to increase your visibility and to get contact from your own local, national market as well as from your defined global market.
Q: Why there are only 21 Places in the Business Pages of Across Global Business?
A: We only accept 21 Companies or Organizations in our Business Pages. We may add Services related to each Business.
Q: How can I navigate inside the sites?
A: Each Country has a simple structure for Businesses, Services, National Information, famous Cities. Pilot Countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Ecuador) are presented by their own infrastructure (i.e. most Cities).
Q: I have other Questions, what to do?
A: Many of your questions may be already answered in the

If you did not find a satisfied answer, then please use the Contact Form and forward your question(s).

Q: How to Contact us?
A: We do not have e-mail addresses in our Webs. You contact us using our
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