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Mashhad is the holiest city of Iran, a country that is quite
rich in holy places. It is located in the north-east
corner of the country, in the mountainous region that is known as the Khorasan.

The name Mashhad means place of martyrdom and the Martyr in question is Imam Reza. Back in the 9th century, this Shiite leader was poisoned here the city. His holy position made his tomb a sacred place for pilgrims to worship. Millions of people come as pilgrims to the holy shrine. There are plenty of priceless objects and unique manuscripts in the shrine's library.

By Iranian standards Mashad can be considered a tourist city with many hotels of various categories as well as a great number of guest houses for the pilgrims who come to this city from the other parts of the country everyday by tens of flights, trains and buses.

The city's climatic condition is varied with very cold winters, pleasant springs, usually mild summers and beautiful autumns. The magnificent holy shrine of Imam Reza and the historical and artistic complex attached to it including the courtyards, porticos and porches, the Goharshad Mosque (of Timurid period) as well as its rich museum and libray are the most significant sights to be seen by any visitor and pilgrim. There is a magnificent golden dome over the shrine's building; surrounded by several proches. The Grand Gohaharshad Mosque is located to the south of the shrine, the museum and the tomb of Sheikh Bahaee to the southeast and Parizad and Balasar Schools to the west.

Other than a number of large beautiful parks, the other sights tomb of Nader Shah, Kooh Sangi pool. There are also some sights outside the city. Tomb of Khajeh Morad kilometers from Mashad along the road to Tehran, the tomb of Khajeh Rabi' located 6 kilometers north of the city where there are some inscriptions by the renowned Safavid calligrapher Reza Abbasi, and the tomb of Khajeh Abasalt in a distance of 20 kilometers from Mashad along the road to Neishabur. (the three personalities were the disciples of Imam Reza). Among the other sights are the tomb of the great poet Ferdowsi in Tuz, 24 kilometers away from Mashad; and the Summer resorts at Torghabeh, Torogh, Akhlomod, Zoshk and Shandiz.  



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Tourist police: +98511 841 8236
Tourist information: +98511 726 9501

Getting There & Away
Mashad has regular flights to most major centeres in Iran, and a few regional capitals outside the country. 
Iran Air flies from Mashad to the following places:

Destination Duration(km)
Tehran 749


Shiraz 1195

Iran Rja help you reach from Mashad to the following



Tehran Deli Jan
Esfahan Express




Tehran Green
Tehran Simorgh
Yazd Express

Emergency services in Mashad




(+98-511) 199


(+98-511) 115

Police Emergency

(+98-511) 110

Fire Fighting Organization

(+98-511) 125, 2222222


Local News-Paper

Global National Services

Mashad Int'l Exhibition Co.

One of the best Int'l Exhibition in Iran is here. Some domestic and foreign high rank politician and economic officials have visited Mashad Int`l Exhibition Company so far. It mainly as the heart of trade activities in the north east of Iran in tends to maintain and enhance its own relations with foreign organizations and chambers of commerce and industry as well as plays an important role to introduce Mashad manufacturing and exporting potentials to foreign parties. MIEC from the commencement of foundation has organized over 100 national, Int`l or overseas exhibitions, which have been visited by more then 6 million people. The company owing to its technical potentials and stuff’s experiences is ready to construct, equip or rent pre-fabricated exhibition halls and stands.

Expanding the exhibition space, holding short- time educational courses, UFI membership, building exhibition goods warehouse, and attracting foreign investment are of main future objectives of MIEC.  

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Mashhad Attraction

Green Dome Khageh Rabi Haroon Palace Masged Shah



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