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The Ceramic of Meybod

Ceramic Modeling, Meybod



in Few lines.

Yazd is one of Iran's industrial centers for textiles. There is a considerable ceramics and construction materials industry and a unique confectionaries and Jewelry industry. There are a number of other industries that are employing a notable portion of the population including agriculture, dairy, animal products, metal works and machines manufacturing. 



(General textiles, including clothing fabrics, industrial fabrics, thermal fabrics, silk, Termeh a traditional luxury fabric, Carpets, and Ziloo a form of carpet weaved with cotton)


Yazd probably developed its traditional textiles industry due to its proximity to trade routes including the Silk Road leading to and from south east Asia across to Africa, Near East and Europe. Termeh a traditional fabric used in formal dresses and clothing is of intricate designs integrating paisley, floral and natural forms in to multiple layers of silk, cotton and often precious metal threads of gold and silver. Termeh was often used as the material of choice for designing the clothing and uniforms worn by statesmen and nobility, and is now used for formal and traditional functions. A form of Termeh is used as a fabric on furniture. In addition to traditional textiles such as Termeh and Carpets, currently Yazd is the home of Iran's biggest textile factories. There are a number of massive factories producing an array of fabrics for export and use in many other industries. The fabrics from some production lines are destined for export to Italy and Germany.

Ceramics & Construction materials: 

(Ceramics, tiles, marble, granite, bricks, cement, limestone)


There are a number of factories devoted to manufacturing of ceramic tableware, decorative ceramics and tiles for the construction industries.



(Sugar cones and cubes, Crystal sugar, Noghl, Baklava, Ghottab, Pashmak, Hajee-badoom, Sohan Khani, Sohan Ardie, Arde Shireh, Halva Ardeh, Halva Tagh Taghok, Naan Khoshk, Naan Berenjee)


Yazd's confectionaries have tremendous following through out Iran as a delicacy and not only a form of sweet or sweetener, and have lured many to Yazd to try them closer to their source. Workshops keep their recipes a guarded secret and there are many that have remained a private family business for many generations and often housed at the same workshop location. The scent, taste and texture of the confectionaries resounds an art form; the formal placing of each product on large platters which is done by the workshops in geometrical designs, patterns and sometimes into sculptures, reflect the high value given to the products.  


Jewelry and metal works

(Gold jewelry, Ruby jewelry, Pearl jewelry, Copper Arts, Copper Vase, Copper Sculpted Pictures)


The Jewelry designs and products of Yazd are the most important and most sought after in Iran. Yazd continues to produce its  traditional forms, and every year boasts new designs that to a high degree influence the jewelry and fashion markets of Iran. Unfortunately Yazd's jewelry designs are made in close replicas, but to an expert and  trained eye the superior workmanship of an original Yazd jewelry can be traced and verified back to the workshop, date of manufacture and often to the artisan. In addition Yazd's jewelry is always made with 20-carat gold. Yazd jewelry and its historic jewelry market: Bazaar Zargari, attract shoppers from across the middle east.  


The copper designs of ornamental pieces and tableware are produced in the Bazaar Mesgari, the copper workshops and Markets of Yazd. Traditional themes and designs are formed and carved onto copper using chisels, hammers and fire torches.  


Information Technology 

(Fiber Optics, Copper wiring and connectors)


There are a number of companies involved in the growing Information Technology industry, mainly manufacturing primary level materials such as cables and connectors. Currently Yazd is the home of the largest manufacturer of Fiber Optics in Iran.



(Almond, Walnut, Pomegranate, Mulberry, Saffron, Wheat, Herbal Medicines)


The agriculture industry is limited by Yazd's arable lands with access to water. The major crops are Almond, Walnuts and Mulberry which are often sun dried and sold along with the confectionaries products as specialties and delicacies.

Iran to raise caviar-producing fish in the desert
In a bold attempt to boost its production of highly prized Caspian Sea caviar, Iran has shipped some 100 young sturgeon to a sprawling farm in the middle of the torrid Yazd desert.


Strategic Partners

Ahakan Corporation
Mining & processing calcium carbonate powders

Exporter of Travertine, Marble and Onyx Blocks from Iran

Iran Air    Yazd flight schedule
Kane Ara - Iran Stone
Marble, stone cutting and tiles manufacturer

Persian Henna Company
Henna and organic products manufacturer

Sadr Sanat

Vakil Yazd Industries
Textiles & carpet manufacturer

Yazd Gol
Plastics & melamine manufacturer


YazdCityMapMidRes.jpg (99891 bytes)

 Yazd University


Local News-Paper

Global National Services

Commex International Limited
Ceramics & Pottery from Yazd - buy on-line

Djooshkabe Yazd Industrial Co.
Cable and wiring manufacturer

Kafelmadan Yazd Co.
Construction materials

Pars Tile
Tiles manufacturer

Plaska Wallpaper & PVC tile
Wallpaper and PVC tile manufacturer

Setareh Kavir Carpet
Carpet manufacturer
Computer services & ISP

Yazd Welding Electrode
Welding electrode manufacturer


Yazd Attraction

Termeh, Yazd The AmirChaqmaq Mosque(A sample of Glazed tile workings), Yazd Architectural College of Yazd University (The house of Dome of Amir Chaqmaq Mosque, Yazd Khanaqah-E-Nematollahi, Yazd



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